Training and Education

SOF Trainer Environmental Program (SOFTEP)
(Developed and presented in conjunction with The Peak, Inc.)

Every physical therapist and strength coach working with SOF teams knows the importance of proper training. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of detailed knowledge regarding the specific, duty-based needs of each Operator, and the ways in which training and rehab protocols translate into improved performance in the field. SOFTEP provides the means to overcome these issues.

SOFTEP offers therapists, coaches and trainers a more complete understanding of the physical and mental skill sets required of Operators, and the personal experience of applying those skills under the environmental conditions in which SOF teams operate. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to analyze various elements of individual performance by studying physiologic data (such as GPS-tagged heart rate data, O2 saturation, and respiratory data), collected on a voluntary basis from the participants.


High Altitude and Mountain Movement – Southwest Montana

This course – conducted on our own turf here in southwest Montana – emphasizes the experience of acute exposure to moderately high altitude during a simulated mission. Classroom and field instruction is geared toward understanding the root causes of performance decrement (both physical and cognitive) that are due to a rapid transition to high altitude. Options for mitigating the effects of altitude are introduced (such as training, nutrition, movement, and breathing pattern techniques), and post-event discussions are designed to generate further exploration and research.

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Other Environments

The following courses are under development. Please contact us for the latest information.
Heat and Humidity: The Tropical Forest Environment – Costa Rica or Florida
Extreme Heat and Dryness: The Desert Environment – Texas
Extreme Cold: The Polar Environment – TBA


Conducted at or near your location, SOFTEPMobile offers the opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of the physical and cognitive challenges faced by their team, but with classroom and field instruction tailored either to the local environment, or to one in which the team may soon be deployed. Please contact us for further information.